“Our company is built on people those who work with us, and those we do business with”

NetAnalytics was founded by a team of top-performing Network Reliability Engineers, Staff Software Engineers, Network Architects, and Network Data Scientists with decades of cutting edge experience at Sun Microsystems, Google, Facebook, Verizon across the globe. Our team has a proven track record of Architecting, Designing and Operating the worlds largest Enterprises and Network Service Providers, Developing Advanced Network Management Systems, and Big Data Analytics with Machine Learning Applications specifically for optimizing Network Operations and user experience with combined 80+ patents, published Technical Journal and Conference Papers and published books co-written by Facebook and Google.

Making Life Easier

Network Engineers

NetAnalytics can solve up to 80 % of the network failures that make work easier for the Network Engineers and saves hours in manual data shifting. Automating repetitive manual processes will minimize errors and help keep the network functioning at an optimal level.

IT/Network Support Team

NetAnalytics will simplify Network Management when the network is automated, configurations are consistently applied across the infrastructure with less effort, making management simpler, faster, and easier to scale.

Network Operations

NetAnalytics Anomaly detection provides different anomalies (based on collective and contextual company wide) to SecOps than found by traditional Security products

Security Operations

NetAnalytics scans data to detect customer impacting anomalies. Automatically prioritizes alarms, no longer need for alarm correlation: Paradigm Shift from Reactive Alarms to Proactive Anomaly Detection Root Cause Approach

Our Team

Dharmendra Patel

Sanjay Mistry