Our Platform

Pioneering The World of ADR – Anomaly Detection & Response!!

NetAnalytics Platform scrapes network, systems and application data from cloud and on premises infrastructure to provide real time proactive actionable insights to ensure optimal user experience. The NetAnalytics platform is a modular flexible pipeline that dynamically uses building blocks to automate toil, improving operational efficiencies.

NetAnalytics has introduced customers to the world to the technology of ADR that is Anomaly Detection & Response which means that we have automised a network 360 degrees using Artificial Intelligence.

What Do We Do?

360 Degree Network Automation!!

Netanalytics Technology is based on advanced analytics,machine learning & Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises, Telecos, Managed Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Cable Operators & Network Service Providers. Netanalytics is making the dream of automising the network 360 degrees a reality through Artificial Intelligence.